Skin + Suncare

Nothing matters more than taking care of your skin. So we’ve carefully cultivated the selection of skincare and sun care products at Sara’s Hair Etcetera to include only the best lotions, facial treatments, and sunscreen. Our Orleans, Massachusetts, salon exclusively carries Dermalogica brand skincare—one of the top lines for pharmaceutical-level skincare in a retail setting. Backing up the extensive line is our selection of Glo Minerals Professional skincare line. Together, these products combine to offer the best selection of products for any skin type—sun damage, fine lines, aging, acne—on Cape Cod.


Dermalogica is the leading dermatologist-formulated skincare system in the country and we are pleased to offer Dermalogica products and use them in our facial treatments at Sara’s Hair Etcetera. Formulated by the Dermal Institute, Dermalogica’s products have provided relief and treatment to men and women for more than 25 years, thanks to their specialized skin mapping system. The system allows you to pinpoint exact dermal issues, such as acne, premature aging, sun damage, dry skin, and more. The full line of Dermalogica is available at Sara’s Hair Etcetera, with the exception of their exclusive ChromaWhite TRX skin system, which is available by special order.

~ Ultra Calming treats even the most sensitive and intolerant skin types
~ Skin Health system contains Dermalogica’s most frequently used products
~ AGE Smart can actually help reverse the signs of again
~ MediBac Clearing system is our go-to system for those suffering from acne
~ Shaving products for men and women
~ Daylight Defense suncare for prevention and treatment